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Step aside Campbells & Wahl .

Lead ,follow or get out the way. So good I cannot stop using it. A little shake , pour, and heat. It’s smooth and slick not to slick . Great as a pre- pre - shave also. Smells amazing. Excellent on leather necked old timers and sensitive skin. Honestly if it were thicker like shaving crème you could preform a flawless full Italian face shave ; disclaimer for you beginners * that is not it’s intended purpose! Although it fairs well with quick and comfortable beard line ups. God bless .

great product, however

however, we have our own private label and do not currently have a space for your products. keep up the good work and thank you for the samples!

BACKBAR | Crown Shaving Co. | Liquid Shave Jug


A bestseller at the shop

Oil Can Grooming | Blue Collar Beard Oil


I've tried a number of texture powders and this one is at the top so far. I'm very happy with this product.

Great support in reviewing new products!

Thank you for taking the time to place an order. Also, reviewing the products in detail was so helpful! We love testing them all out!

Cool twist on KB Matte pomade

King Brown jazzed up this limited edition of the popular matte pomade. It’s a winner

Smells great

Smells great, shrinks pores after shaving. We really needed something like this for our shave clients.

Superior period

Far more superior than other aftershave balms.
Almost universal after any type of shave or electric razor. Healing , aromatic and no bite.
Adds to the lasting scent of Embargo Aftershave without being overwhelming. Also can be used as a light face moisturizer.


Thank you guys so much for the sample kit so far everyone has really enjoyed the blue collar and I like the shaving oil and all the hair products are nice!

Oil can bearded oil rules



So far so good!! I love the product for myself but waiting to see how my customers liked it! I'm about ready to carry some retail in my shop!

Blue Collar

Customers love this scent 👍

Blue Aloha

I personally love this stuff. The smell+the cool label+it comes in a glass bottle😍

Great pre shave

Wouldn’t use it for the only shave solution, especially for course hair. But if layering it with a cream or gel, or just outlining a beard. Works beautifully.

Beard oil

Very great product very Love the oil can
make like a old garage

So far so good

This is our first time trying these two brands and I'm impressed with the products. I have yet to use all of the oil can product but the original pomade and the beard oil scents are very unique.

Oil Can Grooming | Iron Horse Beard Oil

King Brown Pomade | Sample Kit |
Frank De Santiago

I’m trying it out on the System is now so far the wax powder is on point and Matt gray still trying the other ones Also Italian soda is good

Educated Beards | Beard Oil in UNSCENTED

Educated Beards | Beard Oil in UNSCENTED

Fantastic will be ordering next order!

Iron Horse Beard Oil

Love the packaging. The artwork is great. The scent is fantastic and it leaves my beard soft.

Oil Can Grooming Blue Collar Beard Oil

Nice packaging. Great art, wonderful presentation. I love the scent and it works wonderfully on my beard. Leaves my beard soft and healthy.