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Oil Can Grooming | Opening Order Bundle |
Oil Can Grooming | Opening Order Bundle |

Oil Can Grooming | Opening Order Bundle |

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 | This kit was curated for First Time Stockists ONLY |
Stockists can purchase Re-Stock Kits, here. Or add individual products, and 12 packs to cart. 

Opening Order Kit | 41 Units

You're excited to get this quality product into your shop - believe us, we are too! This kit has been curated to bring everything you need, together, to get you started retailing Oil Can Grooming --  and branded swag to spread around your shop!


- 4x of Oil Can Grooming Top Selling Hair Styling Tins (20 total)

  • 4 Angels' Share Styling Paste | 100ml/3.38oz 
  • 4 Angels' Share Crafting Clay 100ml/3.38oz 
  • 4 Blue Collar Original Pomade 100ml/3.38oz 
  • NEW 4 Benchmark Styling Powder | 28g/1.0oz
  • NEW 4 Benchmark Sea Salt Spray | 200ml/6.7oz

3x of Oil Can Grooming Hair Styling Tins (9 total)

  • 3 Iron Horse Grease Pomade 100ml/3.38oz 
  • 3 Benchmark Classic Cream 100ml/3.38oz 
  • NEW 3 Benchmark Grooming Spray | 200ml/6.7oz

- 3x of each Oil Can Grease Can's (12 total)

  • 3 Angels' Share Beard Oil | 50ml/1.7oz 
  • 3 Blue Collar Beard Oil 50ml/1.7oz 
  • 3 Iron Horse Beard Oil 50ml/1.7oz 
  • 3 Angels' Share Shave Oil | 50ml/1.7oz 

- Merchandise to brand your shop:

  • Oil Can Grooming Tool Mat | 18.5" x 9"
  • 2x Large Aluminum Decal 8" x 5"


 Total Retail Value: $1,042!
+ plus $30 worth of branded swag for your Shop!

Save 10% plus get a FREE Tool Mat!
Earn $573.00 in retail sales!

*Limited to 1 per stockist.
Valid on Opening Orders Only. 



We have kits in every brand, to help you sample them out, or stay well stocked! Check out the breakdown below to see which kit is best for you:

Sample Kit -- Try it out! This kit has 1 of each product from the line, so you can give it a spin! See if this is the right performance for you and your shop. 

First Order Kit -- So you gave it a try, and you want to bring in the brand. This kit contains enough stock, and backbar to get you going, plus some added extras to brand your shop with the new line! 

Stockist Kit-- You love it, your barbers love it, and patrons love it, and you're sold out (again!). This kit gives you a restock, and at a discount! You can't beat that! 


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Sherri Lilly
Oil can grooming

We and our clients are loving the products! Versatile, unique scents and great packaging.