Historic Brands Aftershave is Now Shipping to the USA!!

Welcome to Historic Barber Supply

This website was created, and curated for professionals in the barbering industry & retailers looking to add craft, barber backed grooming to their shelves -- but we also are happy to stock your vanity & toiletry bag! We are open to the public, and one can shop the retail prices displayed, however, without tax ID or proof of business operations a customer will not be eligible for exclusive wholesale access and discounts.  




Standard of Timeless Quality & Design 

Historic Barber Supply began from a desire to bring more barber influenced products to American market, while simultaneously providing bespoke family-style service. 

We strive to bring you personalized care with unmatched service. From a smooth ordering process, to quick and reliable shipping, our bespoke service and knowledge in the trade give you the guarantee that when you shop with us, you feel like family. 

 Historic Brands US Inc.