The “Gold Standard” in a world of lesser brands

From a lineage he carried forward in traditional barbering - and now a skilled perfumer, legacy brand creator and wise entrepreneur.

(Pictured below) Dino Caracciolo, founder of Crown Shaving Co. has not only been a great mentor to the growth of our Historic shaving brand…

But he’s the reason we were able to grow our own barber shops to a level where we could step out from behind the chair.  


We consider him a partner and close family friend...     

And when he asked us to represent and distribute his brand in the United States, through Historic Barber Supply, it was truly a life changing day.

His brand and professional back bar system is a KEY indicator in the million dollar growth story of our very own barber shop business History Barbershop Co.

Yup, you read that correctly.  Beyond 7 figures…

That means our shops make a cool and steady 1 million plus in annual revenue with the help of his brand. (Absolutely no lie!) 

How?  Not just with one popular product; or by flaunting the brand name. 

No… when we introduced it we saw that it changed the very foundation of our business by simply putting the brand to work on the shop floor and wowing every customer.

It was like changing from using processed junk to using the highest quality ingredients in your cooking.  

We took our services to a “fine dining” calibre without having to have some posh looking shop. 

People tipped better, referred more friends, visited more often and PURCHASED MORE PRODUCT

And so - to wrap this up…

Like Crown Shaving, Historic Barber Supply is proudly NOT for everyone...

It's part of how we maintain the rare exclusivity of the indie brands we offer.

But we believe our ethos should go beyond our business.

In other words...

We care less about you buying from us…

And more about you tapping into the power of high quality, unique and professionally priced brands. 

It just so happens that Crown is THE Gold Standard in this department. 

It also just so happens that Crown is available to YOU as part of our wholesale portfolio.

We could show you loads of undeniable proof that it is guaranteed to improve your business, like it did for us - and that might even change your life. 

But you will have to find out for yourself.