Come join the underground

We offer WHOLSALE, and proudly provide some of the most exclusive up & coming brands to professionals and retailers looking to stand out rather than fit in.

If you're looking for POP CULTURE PRODUCTS you're in the wrong place. We have goods with the qualities and feature's of hot commodities, but are NOT currently saturating in the American market.

Come Join the Underground. You're obviously here because you want don't want to fade away by fitting in; so it's time to stand out again.

After the surge of neo traditional barber shops opening up from 2015 to 2020, finding exclusive, non mainstream brands became a real challenge.

We decided to source the HIGH QUALITY, indie brands, ourselves. Producers who's goal is NOT to be sold to everyone, everywhere and anywhere, all the time, but to remain professionally exclusive.

We want to work with you:
We only work with professionals and exclusive retailers who are committed to offering respect and value to their customers and who maintain integrity when when merchandising.

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